Apollo props update variables options

The client is small, yet flexible with many awesome features of which the most appreciated one might be the automatic cache updates that come with the client. By default, the component will only resubscribe if ` variables` or ` subscription` props change. Perhaps this is okay, and perhaps it' s not.

The first argument of the render prop function is the mutate function, which you call to tell Apollo Client that you' d like to trigger a mutation. Feb 02, · How do you pass a react component' s props down to options after apollo- client mutation? Feb 22, · react- apollo provides the ability to convert component props to query variables: < MyComponentWithData propsForQueryVariables= {. The value returned by the updateQuery function is written to the cache with old variables. Jan 24, · by ric0.

How to update the Apollo Client’ s cache after a mutation The Apollo Client and its cache. The callback ` options` object param consists of the. Apollo props update variables options.

The mutate function optionally takes variables, optimisticResponse, refetchQueries, and update; however, you can also pass in those values as props. The Apollo Client is used to fetch data from any GraphQL server. I' m worried that if the new variables are used and are different than the original variables, the original observer will not ' see' the updated query data. In order to do so I' ve been using the options. Nov 06, · nextResults has the wrong variables — easy to fix.

` onSubscriptionData` : ( options: OnSubscriptionDataOptions< TData> ) = > any Allows the registration of a callback function, that will be triggered each time the ` Subscription` component receives data. In a component I am trying to run a delete mutation after which I want to remove the item from the local store without doing a refetchQueries. I am using react with apollo- client. In order to update the store, I need the parent ID of the.