Government shutdown 2018 update npr

Made clear they will not negotiate on immigration while the government is shut down. Dec 29, · Government Shutdown: Fallout Grows As Spending Stalemate Drags On Into New Year There' s no end in sight for the spending standoff that has forced the shutdown of. About 800, 000 federal workers will. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell' s plan would delay a fight over border wall funding until February. Government shutdown 2018 update npr. Government that began Saturday affects about a quarter of the government.

Government Shuts Down As Congress Fails To Pass Funding Measure. Tax season is more stressful this year for filers and IRS workers alike, because of new tax law changes and the partial government shutdown that has left the agency with roughly half its normal staff. Dec 19, · Congress appears to be on the verge of avoiding a partial government shutdown.

Dec 23, · The partial shutdown of the U. To recap, President Trump and his allies in. Dec 21, · Government Shutdown Inevitable As Congress Adjourns Amid Impasse On Wall Funds A group of bipartisan lawmakers is continuing to negotiate with Vice President Pence and top White House aides, but a. Arnie Seipel NPR Jan. Dec 23, · We' re going to start by telling you what we know about the partial government shutdown that started at midnight Friday.