Why are pubg updates so big

Sep 14, · About BATTLEGROUNDS PLAYERUNKNOWN' S BATTLEGROUNDS ( PUBG) is a competitive survival shooter. May 20, · In this video i' m going to talk about PUBG Mobile Upcoming updates on android & ios. Takes a look at the following video that i release. Aug 16, · PUBG’ s constant stream of updates is part of the reason why it became so popular. Why is it so popular? One of the big reason of why PUBG became so popular is this game is supporting multiple platform including ANDROID, IOS, STEAM, PC, etc that no other game is capable of doing this.
I play Warframe for example, they code everything in microsections, so theres kind of more likely that something new will break something alraedy in the game, but most of the times the patches are not big at all and only to add up content. Too many early access games stagnate. Players are dropped into a wide, open area, and they must fight to the death - all while the battlefield shrinks, adding pressure to all in its grip. This made PUBG get a lot of negative reviews.
Apr 28, · Game; PUBG Lite PC Download+ APK + OBB [ ] To compete the competitors PUBG need to run smoothly so the gamers get the perfect gameplay even in low OS & hardware for that Pubg mobile Lite and PUBG Lite for pc introduced. The updates are so big because most of the game content is in large. Why are pubg updates so big. They keep releasing live updates because they keep screwing things up.

) Long answer short. Feb 08, · Indeed, but BlueHole seems to work in batches, not actually the most efficient zoned coding. Mar 09, · Test server updates only apply if you have the test version installed.
The PUBG team is promising new content will keep coming. My game folder of PUBG takes 7. SO SEE THIS VIDEO. LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL FAST FOR NEW UPDATES. Pak files, and if they change one bit of content, they have to.

( Could be the reason why PUBG is played so much. There the reason we didn' t have this faster. As a full time gamer / YouTube / online information geek it was such a pleasure to share all information regarding the NEW UPDATE OF PUBG MOBILE THAT IS SO BIG ( 2. Discussing every known version which is coming to PUBG Mobile.

Dec 03, · What is PUBG? Jul 18, · IN THIS VIDEO WE TALK ABOUT SERVER MAINTENANCE IN PUBG PC LITE. PLAYERUNKNOWN' S BATTLEGROUNDS. Why are the updates so big. They didn’ t have big Titans in the shopping- malls like Titanfall 2 did.

IF YOU ANY PROBLEM COMMENT ME. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews. PUBG releases its regular updates includes bug fixes, lag fixes and new game mod making players to stick to the game and resolve the issues just with a update. Whether it concerns new updates, maps, balance changes or anything under. Jun 21, · Such a big audience means there is always plenty of news surrounding PUBG.

FULLY EXPLAINED WHY IS COMING. Is it worth playing? Have to look after update, if the 5 GB is additional or it may overwrite some older files.

Let' s see if a big dev makes a good game like PUBG for PUBG to notice and get better to grow. Jun 03, · I think PUBG have wrote a message at the top of the forums to show their roadmap and to be more open about their updates, We' ll see about that.